Triple D : Design, Develop, Deploy

Vocabulary and Validation

A discussion on where and how to handle your validation of incoming data requests. Using domain primitives as core concepts and the application API as a bouncer.

Socrates BE 2022 Un-conference

A short report on the Belgian SoCraTes unconference that took place on 7-10 july 2022 in La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium

Six tips for successful ensemble programming

Ensemble (or mob) programming is a technique used by XP developers to improve a teams productivity and knowledge by working closely together. This post provides a few tips that we learned after doing ensemble programming for about 6 months.

Working with different environments

Having to work with different environments configs on your pc can be a hassle and dangerous. Let's explore an option that will improve your experience with it.

Communication is a Skill

Developing software, solving technical issues is hard. But so is communication efficiently and productively. Having productive discussions isn’t something that happens automatically. And they play a big role in the way how the software will be designed. Conway's law taught us the correlation between software design and people interaction. So we must recognize communication as a skill that we need to master. Turns out there are quite a few things to be learned from Mob Programming.