Triple D : Design, Develop, Deploy

Six tips for successful ensemble programming

Ensemble (or mob) programming is a technique used by XP developers to improve a teams productivity and knowledge by working closely together. This post provides a few tips that we learned after doing ensemble programming for about 6 months.

Working with different environments

Having to work with different environments configs on your pc can be a hassle and dangerous. Let's explore an option that will improve your experience with it.

Communication is a Skill

Developing software, solving technical issues is hard. But so is communication efficiently and productively. Having productive discussions isn’t something that happens automatically. And they play a big role in the way how the software will be designed. Conway's law taught us the correlation between software design and people interaction. So we must recognize communication as a skill that we need to master. Turns out there are quite a few things to be learned from Mob Programming.

The importance of the dependency inversion principle

The dependency inversion principle (DIP) is at the heart of a lot of software design patterns, technologies and architectures. This article will try to connect those dots, and hopefully provide some additional insight into this important principle.

Event Storming a restaurant

Most people that use event storming use it for gathering the "Big Picture". But it can also be used for modelling out solutions to concrete problems. This blog post, I will try to demonstrate the power and usefulness of Event Storming for modelling out solutions. By using some simple building blocks, event storming allows us to model out complex systems rapidly. Without the need for very strict standardization.