Join Triple D

We are always looking for kindred spirits who want to help us to deliver quality Software solutions. Perhaps Triple D could be your new home?

If you prefer

Great teamwork above being the hero

Well-designed software above delivering tickets

Making yourself replaceable above being indispensable

The solution above the tools with which the solution was built

Then you have to get in touch with us!

When you join us

You join

  • a company of highly experienced software engineers
  • a company where quality comes first
  • a company with real open communication
  • a team

Always sharpening our skills

Doing architectural kata's

When working at Triple D:

  • You will work in team
  • You will continuously train and be trained
  • You will have impact
  • You will be proud of your work

Creating a workshop

Attending conferences together

How we work...

  • Clean Code is a given
  • Good practices are not abandoned when the pressure rises
  • We aim for a Domain Driven Designed solution
  • The longevity of the software is ensured
  • The right tools for the job are used
  • We leave our EGO at home

Learning day

Our practices

Since the only way to go fast, is to go well, we diligently apply these practices. Especially when the going gets though. Because how a job is done is as important as getting it done.

Extreme Programming

  • Clean code
  • Refactor
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Driven Development
  • Simple Design
  • Pair Programming
  • ...

Domain Driven Design

  • Strategic design
  • Domain modelling
  • Event storming
  • Hexagonal architecture
  • ...


Although good practices are what is important, our primary focus is in JVM languages (Kotlin, Java) and Object Oriented Programming. But we pride ourselves that the tech stack is less important than the applied practices. Be it Java, C#, Python, F#, AWs, Azure, ... the patterns and principles remain the same. The technology is just a tool to accomplish a goal.

We often invite kindred spirits to participate in our Learning days

A high bar?

We obviously set a high standard for ourselves. So the question you may ask: is the bar too high for me?

It is important to highlight that we are not looking for people that are "the best". We are looking for people who aim to become the best that they can be. People who want to do a great job and are continuously striving for improvement. That is why we learn and practice continuously.

Keep in mind that technical practices can be learned and improved upon. The most important characteristic that we look for in new employees is the right mindset. We're all smart people, but can we work well together? Will you grow? And help us grow?

Don't let the imposter syndrome hold you back. Challenge yourself and step up. We prefer highly motivated people with little experience above the mytical all-knowing genius. We're not looking for heroes. We are looking for Team members.

Working code is simply not enough...

maintainable code is for years!

Interested? Let's have a chat.

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

Abelson and Sussman

Architecture represents the significant decisions, where significance is measured by cost of change.

Grady Booch

How it is done is as important as getting it done

Sandro Mancuso

A document shouldn’t try to do what the code already does well.

Eric Evans

If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture.

Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder in Big Ball of Mud

The quickest methods aren't always the fastest methods

Gordon Beeming

The quickest methods aren't always the fastest methods

Gordon Beeming

The only way to go fast, is to go well

Robert C. Martin

The only thing dumber than big design up front, is no design up front

Simon Brown

If you can't deploy services independently, you don't have micro-services. You have a distributed monolith.

Beth Skurrie

If you can't see and understand a solution. You can't evaluate it

Simon brown

A good architecture rarely happens through architecture-indifferent design

George Fairbanks

It is easy to say that a piece of code is bad. It is easy to complain or even laugh. But the question is: are you good enough to make it better?

Sandro Mancuso