Join Triple D

We are always looking for kindred spirits who want to help us raise the level of Software engineering. Perhaps Triple D could be your new home?

So if you prefer

The solution above the tools with which the solution was built

Great teamwork above receiving individual praise

Making yourself replaceable above being indispensable

Well designed software above maximizing the number of tickets "done"

Then you have to get in touch with us!

When you join us

  • You join a team of highly experienced software engineers

  • You join a team with no managers

  • You join a team with no hierarchy

  • You join a company with no tolerance for BS

Always sharpening our skills

When working at Triple D

Creating a workshop

  • You will work in team

  • You will continuously train and be trained

  • You will have impact

  • You will be proud of your work

Because that it works...

is not good enough.

Interested? Let's have a chat.