Triple D

Expert Belgian Software Development

Triple D

Triple D is a belgian software development company founded by and consisting entirely out of veteran software engineers. It is a small, completely independent company with very highly skilled, experienced and opinionated software engineers with a clear vision how to develop software successfully.

“If you trust in yourself. . . and believe in your dreams. . . and follow your star. . . you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy.” ― Terry Pratchett

About us

We founded Triple D from our passion for software development. “We” are a group of veteran software engineers with the aim of having a larger, positive impact on the belgian software industry.

What drives us?

Our main motivation is delivering high quality, rock SOLID and well designed software. We want to create products that will fit your needs and that will pay off your investments for years to come. A challenging job well done, that is what we aim for.

Our people

The most important assets of a software engineering company are of course the people. That is why we strive to be great, all-round software engineers. We have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of skills that make up software development. And we aim to keep expanding those skills.


At Triple D we are constantly honing our skills. Seriously.

We want to deliver our best work, all the time. It is not good enough that it works We take pride in our work and take responsibility for it.

We don’t cut corners. We don’t “ship shit”

In order to achieve this high standard, We abide by a set of principles.

  • Constantly learning and keeping ourselves up to date
  • Continuously practicing our craft
  • Working methodical and disciplined

This enables us to work fast and steady when it matters. While still delivering quality work.

You don’t rise to the level of your expectations, you fall to the level of your training.

More than code

Triple D professionals spend a lot of time getting well versed in a wide range of topics.

In order to create successful software systems a great diversity of skills is needed. A lot of them are non technical. Gathering the requirements, fostering collaboration, good design, searching for new insights, working together, determining minimal scope to gather quick feedback, …

Our definition of done does not end with writing code. We take you to production, we give you the inside view in your application. Performance metrics, but also functional metrics. We know how and what your applications are doing. Just like you wouldn’t get a car without a dashboard, we do not deliver applications without full transparency.

We deliver reliable, robust software. From start to finish. And beyond.


In order to achieve our ambitious goal we believe that there are certain prerequisites in order to make this possible.

A close and honest partnership with our customer.

We value open communication more then negotiated contracts. The end goal of a successful partnership is that both partners are pleased with the result. We want to build the software you need. Enabling you to continuously reap the benefits from a well designed solution both now and in the future. Therefore open and honest communication is necessary. How else can we built your great software together?

Ownership of the development process

When you hire Triple D, you hire people who have spent a lot of their time in getting proficient in their job. A job that is so much more than writing code. So let us own the whole development process. That way we can really deliver.

We do not offer a one size fits-all solution, we offer a rocket boosted start.

Direct communication with all stakeholders

We don’t believe in long communication chains and huge documents. We talk to the business, we build software for them, they should be the ones we are talking to.

Immediate short feedback loops

Continuous integration and continuous delivery enables the team to work at full speed. A good delivery pipeline also allows the customer to see and use the features within minutes after finishing a development iteration. This enables the team to quickly gather feedback on the delivered product, pivot if necessary and constantly go for maximum business value.

Our services

Team as a service

Triple D is a professional software engineering team that keeps its coherence over multiple software assignments. We belief that this is how we can have the greatest impact.

This is comparable to the roman imperial standing army, which was a professional army instead of an ad hoc formed army. This enabled the romans to keep the hard fought lessons learned and experience gained.

In the same spirit Triple D wants to keep its team together as much as possible. So that we can keep building on the lessons learned and profit from the close collaboration gained. This allows not only the individual team members to continuously improve but our overall working as a team keeps getting better as well. Like a well oiled machine.


Triple D can be brought in as a reinforcement. Working closely together with existing teams allows us to introduce industry best practices. This will not only help in delivering in the short term but it will allow the existing teams to learn, to evolve and to grow. So even after Triple D has left, your teams should deliver faster, quality software. At a sustainable pace.

Trainings and workshops

We can help you to elevate your software delivery process by facilitating training and workshops on request. Assisting you in taking your team to the next level and making sure that the software keeps delivering long after the initial phase or deadline has passed.