Besides working together with you on the job, we also love teaching. That's why we also offer courses where we teach a specific topic. These come in the form of presentations, lessons or hands-on workshops. Whatever fits your needs best.


The slides of some past presentations:


Below is a short overview of some of the courses we have given in the past. However, if you are looking for something different or more specific don't hesitate to Contact us


DDD introduction course

Domain Driven Design is a vast topic and can sometimes be overwhelming. We offer introductory sessions with different flavors depending on the intended audience to gain a good understanding of the core concepts and their importance


DDD deep immersion course

For those who mean business, we offer an in depth two day workshop on Domain Driven Design where we cover all the basics in depth.


Practical DDD Workshop

DDD is practical. And this workshop aims to demonstrate just that. We will teach you how to apply Domain Driven Design for everyday software development, creating quality domain models that are worth their investment


Event storming introduction workshop

This engaging fast-paced workshop will let you discover how event storming works.


Event Storming deep dive workshop

This workshop will teach you how to use event storming for tackling different problems. Including how to design your software.


eXtreme Programming workshop

Extreme programming is a software development methodology that stood at the birth of Agile. Many of its practices have stood the test of time. Although they are not always fully understood. This workshop aims to teach the XP practices from the ground up.


Hexagonal Architecture Workshop

In this advanced workshop we will bring a lot of things together. Clean Code, SOLID principles, TDD, DDD, hexagonal architecture... Because quality matters.


The "new Product Owner" Workshop

In this workshop you will test your development skills against those of your fellow developers. Trying to deliver features at a sustainable speed. Because the only way to go fast is to go well.

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

Abelson and Sussman

Architecture represents the significant decisions, where significance is measured by cost of change.

Grady Booch

How it is done is as important as getting it done

Sandro Mancuso

A document shouldn’t try to do what the code already does well.

Eric Evans

If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture.

Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder in Big Ball of Mud

The quickest methods aren't always the fastest methods

Gordon Beeming

The quickest methods aren't always the fastest methods

Gordon Beeming

The only way to go fast, is to go well

Robert C. Martin

The only thing dumber than big design up front, is no design up front

Simon Brown

If you can't deploy services independently, you don't have micro-services. You have a distributed monolith.

Beth Skurrie

If you can't see and understand a solution. You can't evaluate it

Simon brown

A good architecture rarely happens through architecture-indifferent design

George Fairbanks

It is easy to say that a piece of code is bad. It is easy to complain or even laugh. But the question is: are you good enough to make it better?

Sandro Mancuso