Domain Driven Design Deep Immersion Course

With the emergence of the micro-services architecture, Domain Driven Design has stepped back into the spotlight. Many of its concepts and techniques proved to be of even more importance in the micro-services, cloud oriented, serverless world. For this we offer an in depth two day immersion course into Domain Driven Design where we will thoroughly explain and practice the core concepts and techniques.

DDD Building blocks


  • DDD Core Concepts
    • Domains and sub-domains (core/sup/gen)
    • Bounded context
    • Ubiquitous language
    • Domain models
  • Strategic design using DDD.
    • Context mapping
    • relationships between bounded contexts (OHS/ PL / ACL / etc…)
  • Tactical design using DDD.
    • Tactical design patterns
    • Hexagonal architecture
    • CQRS

Intended audience

Anyone that has a role in the software development field.

Sounds great

So let’s talk! send us your inquiries and we will be in touch contact Triple D