DDD Introduction course

Domain Driven Design is a vast topic, containing many different techniques. Next to deep workshops, we offer introductionary sessions that explain the core conceptys of DDD and why they are important. These sessions come in different flavors. Each session is a four hour gentle introduction. These introductory sessions contain no coding, although some exercises will be done, but are aimed at gaining a thorough understanding of the core concepts of DDD

  • Domains and sub-domains (core/sup/gen)
  • Bounded context
  • Ubiquitous language
  • Domain models

Strategic design using DDD

DDD Conf

Intended audience

In addition to the core concepts this introduction dives into the strategic concepts from DDD. Which makes it more suited for people in a Software architect role. Although this is of course also relevant for software developers.


  • DDD Core Concepts
  • Context mapping
  • Relationships between bounded contexts (OHS/ PL / ACL / etc…)
  • Enterprise Architecture

Tactical design using DDD.

DDD Aggregates

Intended audience

This introduction also handles the core concepts of DDD but it dives into the tactical design patterns. Which typically makes it more suited for Developers.


  • DDD Core Concepts
  • Tactical design patterns
  • Hexagonal architecture

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