Deep dive into event storming workshop

Event Storming is a deceptively simple yet powerful technique, originating from the DDD community. It is easy to start with and can be used for different purposes. We offer a deep course in Event Storming so you are confident in applying this technique for a variety of problems..

For additional information see our blog post: Event storming a restaurant.*


  • How to facilitate big picture event storming.
  • How to use process modelling to discover processes and aggregates.
  • Domain modelling using event storming.
  • Use event storming for discovering bounded contexts, ubiquitous language and aggregates

Event Storming

Intended audience

The deep dive course expects some familiarity with some of the DDD concepts. Though a willingness to learn and actively participate is much more important than pre-existing DDD or technical knowledge.

Sounds great

So let’s talk! send us your inquiries and we will be in touch contact Triple D