Hexagonal Architecture workshop

In today’s world software gets written at an incredible pace. Every day, new software is put in production all over the world. However, as time progresses we realize that maintaining that code becomes harder and harder. Why is that? What makes this software so hard to maintain? The thing that enables us t go fast and keep going fast is good design.

In this workshop we bring it all together. We will use Clean Code, SOLID principles, TDD, DDD and the hexagonal architecture to developing an application. We will guide you while explaining how the different techniques are applied. We will do this in a real codebase, so bring your favorite laptop, as this course will be hands-on.


  • Clean Code
  • SOLID principles
  • TDD
  • Component design
  • Ports and Adapters
  • DDD


Intended audience

This is a hands-on course aimed at experienced developers so coding experience will be needed. We can vary the depth and speed of the course, depending on the audience. Preferably we have a group of people of the same level so that everyone gets the most value from it.


This course takes at minimum 2 days. This allows us to go more in-depth during the hands-on sessions. Obviously, we can tailor the contents of this course to better suit your needs. Did we mention we also give workshops on other topics? Maybe a combination would suit your organization better, contact us, and let’s see how we can help you!

Sounds great

So let’s talk! send us your inquiries and we will be in touch contact Triple D