Triple D : Design, Develop, Deploy

Event Storming a restaurant

Most people that use event storming use it for gathering the "Big Picture". But it can also be used for modelling out solutions to concrete problems. This blog post, I will try to demonstrate the power and usefulness of Event Storming for modelling out solutions. By using some simple building blocks, event storming allows us to model out complex systems rapidly. Without the need for very strict standardization.

The bully

In my series on heroics within software development teams, there is a type of 'hero' that I classify as the hero-bully. This is not the simple, ordinary bully, which may come to mind, who rules by force of intimidation. A hero-bully is someone placed on a pedestal by one group and who use the power from their received status to bully those around them that do not follow suit. This can even be completely unintentional!

The local hero

Throughout these posts of mine on heroic behavior, my main metaphor has been the wild west. One of the well-known archetypes there is the famous hero gunslinger. In this post, I'll address the software equivalent of this.

The posse

In software development it is possible that a posse forms inside or across teams when people start placing their loyalty to one another above their loyalty to the customer/employer

The lone ranger

In this post I will discuss my Lone Ranger pattern, a type of human behavior of software engineers, and the impact I think it has on its surroundings. Now the lone ranger is obviously someone who mostly operates alone. Lone rangers get the job done by themselves and are counted upon to save the day. Alas, the day needs constant saving.